D-> He110
==> Drink Milk. It will make you STRONG.

D-> I have but it seemed the glass br0ke 

(sorr i seemed to lost the whole pic i draw in the wrong type of file )

:33< equius will you play dress up with me

D-&gt; trying new sty1es

D-> trying new sty1es

D&#8212;&gt; have a g00d spring break and wear sunscreen 

D—> have a g00d spring break and wear sunscreen 

Do you like the earth animal that is know as a turtle?

D-> 100ks 1ike s0mething fef would like 

D-> Back gr0unds?

HeY bRo, HoNk :o)

D-> Uh he110 highb100d

D--> Just how STRONG are you?

sorry not color , and its on one page trouble with the program

D-> New way t0 draw

D-> The human 1ady t01d me that we have the pr0gram w0rking , I just wish that we had pe0p1e to ask questi0ns

D-> I fee1 bad for the human wh0 has t0 draw , she cant save her ph0t0s un1ess drawn by hand s0 she t01d me t0 say that there w0nt be nice ph0t0s for a while